WS Tankers – Markham Vale

A-Frame & Specifications


10.00 metres / 20.00 metres


15.00 metres / 50.00 metres

Eave Height:

6.20 metres

Ridge Height:

7.88 metres / 9.46 metres


Single Skin / Thermo Insulated


Steel sheet

Roller Door:

4.86m x 4.8m electric galvanised

Pedestrian Door:

2m x 1m MOE door

With the success of the 10m x 15m unit we have had in place for a workshop, the need for two additional units, a wash bay and dry storage became a requirement.
The new storage unit with insulated roof to prevent condensation creates a 1000m² with an eave heigh of 6.2 metres.
Both units were installed onto an existing area without the need for additional ground works.
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