Wall & Floors - Kettering

A-Frame & Specifications


10.00 metres & 15.00 metres


15.00 metres

Eave Height:

5.20 metres

Ridge Height:

6.94 metres / 7.74 metres


Single skin


40mm PIR sandwich panel with 3.00m clearance

Walls & Floors had been struggling to load pallets of tiles in the dry and did not want to have another winter where the cardboard packaging was damaged by the weather.

We managed to react very quickly to the request for a loading canopy and from site visit to installation it took just one week. The canopies have walling on the exposed sides down to a 3m height clearance so pallets could be stored externally and are linked to the existing loading canopy. We also installed the unit over a weekend to limit disruption to their very busy operation.

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