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Financing a Temporary Building can be an effective way to own the building whilst it is working for you and spreading the cost. We work closely with Moorgate Finance who can offer very competitive rates. If this is something of interest then please contact ourselves or Daniel Cameron on 07751 746426


We offer a full planning service along with CAD’s to present to the council for planning approval. This may be for a retrospective approval if the commercial storage unit is needed urgently or a full planning consent, both give the same long-term outcome. As the units are classed as temporary it can be a quick and easy solution to your needs.


We can provide a full CAD service and if required superimpose our building onto an existing CAD of your premises. The CAD’s provide you with a complete understanding of the unit to be supplied and its location.

Site Visits

An important and useful way for you to gain knowledge of the products we have to offer and for our team to gather information on your specific requirements. This is a totally free, without any obligation service.

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