Morrisons Plc

A-Frame & Specifications


15.00 metres / 5.00 metres / 7.50 metres


15.00 metres / 25.00 metres / 10.00 metres

Eave Height:

5.20 metres

Ridge Height:

7.69 metres


Thermo Insulated


40mm PIR sandwich panel / 80mm PIR Sandwich panel

Roller Door:

Pedestrian Door:

2m x 2m MOE door units


Steel sub base flooring system complete with ply overlay and Polysafe vinyl flooring


Indirect diesel / kerosine heater units with thermostat control.

With COVID 19 staying around the need for Morrisons to create areas that were social distanced on a more permanent basis had become apparent.

The initial thought of using marquees had played its part but with the onset of winter it became clear a better solution was required. WS Temporary Buildings have installed units at 6 of their manufacturing sites, mainly for additional canteen space. In areas where the units were placed near existing factory buildings, they chose to utilise a 1-hour fire rated sandwich panel wall. All canteen units were fitted with a polysafe easy clean floor and heater units. In some cases electric heater units were installed when limited access for the diesel tank to be filled was an issue.

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