Graylaw Freight - Skelmerdale

A-Frame & Specifications


2 No. 20.00 metres & 1 No. 15.00 metres – total span of 55.00 metres


55.00 metres

Eave Height:

6.20 metres

Ridge Height:

9.46 metres


Thermo Insulated


Corrugated steel sheet wall

Roller Door:

9 x 4.86m x 5.6m electric galvanised

Pedestrian Door:

2m x 1m MOE door



Graylaw Freights operation had been running their operation from several buildings which although had works needed to be streamlined.

The new WS Temporary Building has allowed the flow of good in, through to holding area and re-load out to become very efficient. A purpose-built structure for the fraction of cost of a full-blown permanent building. The structure was installed onto existing concrete and fully fitted out with lighting & fire alarm system.

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